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Navalia International Shipbuilding Expo 2024 (IFEVI Recinto Ferial, Vigo - SPAIN) - 21 /23 2024

Location: STAND A-29 - HALL A

Contact: Borja Olmos (

The first Americas Tuna Conference was held at the Riu Plaza Panama hotel in the financial district of Panama City on 28-29 January 2016.

The theme of the event was "The Promising New World of Tuna in the Americas", and it dealt with emerging and current concerns for tuna and the tuna industry worldwide.

The main topics covered were the following:

- The effects of large, global mergers on the market.
- The impact of volatility in tuna prices.
- The challenges facing processing and exporting countries.
- Funding and the growth of the supply side and fishing capacity.
- Geopolitical implications for markets.

As a leader in the tuna sector, Marco sought to support the industry by sponsoring the event along with other leading firms in the sector.

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Datos del evento

  • IFEVI Recinto Ferial, Vigo (Spain)

    Stand A-29 - Hall A

  • 21 /23 2024

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