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Infofish Tuna 2018 (Bangkok - TAILANDIA) - 28 /30 2018

The journal Infofish organises a conference on tuna every two years in Bangkok, Thailand. This is probably the world's leading event in the tuna industry, especially in terms of visitor numbers. Bangkok is usually the benchmark location for the setting of tuna prices. Thailand has no tuna fleet of its own but processes more tuna than any other country.

Concurrently with this year's event, which took place on 28-30 May, there was an exhibition area with stands in the entrance hall, at which Marco was one of the main companies.

The presentations given generally deal with statistics for the sector in previous years. However, the main interest of the event is the large number of trade visitors, all of whom are looking to sell or purchase something.


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Datos del evento

  • Bangkok (Tailandia)

    Stand - Hall

  • 28 /30 2018

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