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Recognition from Euskalit for TH COMPANY for its Advanced Management Model

At the end of 2018 Euskalit, the quality foundation set up by the Basque Government, recognised the good work of TH COMPANY in the field of advanced management for the second successive year, with the awarding of the Advanced Management Diploma for its progress and efforts in this management model.

The Advanced Management Diploma evidences the commitment of TH COMPANY to a management system capable of:
- Creating a long-term outlook that can be brought about via a clearly defined strategy.
- Orienting the organisation towards its customers with a distinctive contribution of value.
- Encouraging a feeling of belonging to shared values among its people.
- Strengthening commitment to society and sustainable development.
- Applying innovation in all areas of the organisation.
- Achieving results satisfactory for its various stakeholder groups in a consistent, balanced fashion.

Advanced management means generating the best results in a sustainable, balanced fashion, ensuring greater commitment among people and stronger links with customers.

This model has enabled TH COMPANY to identify strengths and areas for improvement. To that end, TH COMPANY has carried out a number of actions including self-assessment of overall management at the organisation, a medium-to-long-term strategy applied via an annual management plan, customer and employee satisfaction surveys (with improvement actions set in motion in view of the scores obtained) and actions to enhance environmental sustainability and innovation (TH COMPANY earmarks 3% of its annual turnover for enhancing R&D&i).

TH COMPANY has been a member of the Advanced Management Club since late 2017, and this diploma is further encouragement to continue advancing along the path of advanced management.

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