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TH Company is visited by students at the Nautical and Fishing Studies School in Bermeo (Sede central TH Company, Mungia - ESPAÑA) - 19 2014

On Monday 19 October 2018 the headquarters of TH Company in Mungia (Spain) received a visit from 25 students at the Nautical and Fishing Studies School in Bermeo. Last year staff from Marco gave a talk on Marco equipment at the school.

The visit began with a short presentation on the company's operations, after which the students visited the workshop to see finished equipment and equipment being manufactured for new tuna vessels currently being built. In the future many of these students will be chief engineers on tuna vessels, so it is useful for them to familiarise themselves with equipment and systems at this early stage.

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Datos del evento

  • Sede central TH Company, Mungia (España)

    Stand - Hall

  • 19 2014

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