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TH COMPANY´s Vigo office repairs and upgrades the tuna ship Templario I

TH COMPANY has carried out successful repairs on Tuna Liner Corporation's Templario I, with the team at TH COMPANY Vigo working against the clock to complete a range of tasks:

- Dismantling, remodelling (increased number of pumps) and repair of reserve pump drive.
- Fitting of new hydraulic pipes.
- Supply of new directional spool valves.
- Supply of new pump drive and pumps.
- Supply of new deck-mounted brailing winch.
- Supply of new Marco PB-64 power block.
- Commissioning and start-up of the vessel's main hydraulic system.

All the repairs had to be completed in a very short space of time. The customer was very satisfied with the quality, speed and logistics of TH COMPANY's work.

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