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TH Company has been awarded with 5S Silver Diploma

In February last Euskalit, the Basque Foundation for Excellence, awarded TH Company the 5S Silver Diploma, following its obtaining of area diplomas in all three of its warehouses and its offices.

TH Company has been working to secure this certificate for some time, having earned recognition for the first of its warehouses one and a half years ago. This new step forward is evidence of the company's efforts to enhance the efficiency of its processes and offer even better service to its customers.

The 5S method provides a foundation on which the firm can build, bringing its people into its business project. It brings together a number of activities intended to create working conditions in which tasks can be carried out in an organised, orderly, clean way. Its application results in improvements in resource use, breakdown rates, stocks, transportation, tooling change times, etc. The 5S method takes its name from the initials of five Japanese words:

Seiri: Sort - Separate and remove all unnecessary items
Seiton: Set in order - Put all necessary items in the optimal place
Seiso: Shine - Keep areas and any related equipment clean
Seiketsu: Standardise - Set up standards for the 5S system
Shitsuke: Sustain - Ensure that the 5S approach is followed

Now for the Gold Diploma!

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