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TH COMPANY repairs an oceanographic vessel owned by the Spanish Secretariat General for Fishing

TH COMPANY was commissioned to review and repair the Vizconde de Eza, an oceanographic vessel used by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment to analyse and assess the state of the oceans. It specialises in seeking out new deep-water fishing grounds.

During the repair operations, TH COMPANY's subsidiary in Vigo carried out a range of work:
- Replacement of the hoses and rotor of one of the cranes.
- Replacement of the cooler in the hydraulic system with a higher-capacity one. Dismantling, repair and installation of another cooler in the winches' hydraulic circuit.
- Dismantling and replacement of gaskets and cylinder rods in the bow crane.
- Repair and manufacture of components for starboard winch gear motor.
- Replacement of distributors in anchor windlasses and overhaul of the counterbalance valves, hosing assemblies and piping of these windlasses.
- Manufacture and replacement of the capstan bedplate of the bow crane due to breakage of the former one.
- Repair of three proportional directional spool valves for cranes and hydrographic winches.
- Design and installation of a remote lubrication system for the gantry crane.

In addition to this work, tests were carried out and pressure adjustments made in all hydraulic circuits. Thanks to the success of TH COMPANY's work, it will shortly be supplying and installing two new cranes on the vessel to replace the existing ones, which have been in service for over 20 years.

The Vizconde de Eza, which is 53 metres long and 13 metres in the beam, is one of the most sophisticated oceanographic and fishing research vessels in the world. Its dynamic positioning system —the only one of its kind in Spain— enables it to remain in the same exact location, regardless of adverse sea and weather conditions. Its special design and diesel/electrical propulsion (only one other oceanographic vessel in Spain boasts this type of propulsion) can ensure silent operation, allowing acoustic vibration- and noise-free data capture.

The ship is essentially a large floating research centre, with six specialist laboratories, advanced scientific instrumentation and a remotely-operated underwater vehicle (ROV).

Since entering service in April 2001, the Vizconde de Eza has participated in numerous research campaigns, some centring on fishing-related development co-operation projects in countries such as Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Algeria, Morocco, Namibia, Mozambique and Mauritania.

This large commission marks a new success for TH COMPANY's leadership in deck equipment and hydraulic systems.

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