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Auxiliary Winches

To complement its market leadership for purse seine winches, Marco provides its customers with a broad range of auxiliary winches for multiple purposes.

Their sturdy, reliable design enables purse seiners all over the world to complete their fishing maneuvers efficiently and safely.


  • Compact, robust design for easy winch maintenance and maximum durability.
  • Multiple configurations with a wide range of drum sizes.
  • Enhanced operator safety thanks to various built in safety devices: positive action disc brakes, band brakes, safety ratchets and counterbalance dynamic brakes.
  • Interchangeable drive components on each auxiliary winch series.
  • Hydraulic double speed and fast reverse devices.


Topping winches

Marco topping winches provide maximum safety in lifting booms.

Deck and boom winches

Marco auxiliary winches are suitable for multiple purposes such as boom vanging, brailing, cargo lifting etc.

Gypsy winches

Marco provides a wide range of gypsy brailing winches for various maneuvers along with vertical capstans for wire rope.

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