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Purse Davits

The exclusive design of the Marco SK-230 purse davit replaces conventional hanging blocks by fixed reclining blocs with two return blocks at the centre of the davit. This makes for easier ring release and extends the useful lifetime of the cable and the components used to stow it.

Unlike conventional davits, the Marco purse davit is based on a gantry structure that makes it simpler to install on board. Eliminating hanging blocks means that the cable bears less strain. This results in major savings in operating and maintenance costs in comparison to conventional purse davits.


  • The Marco Purse davit SK-230 purse davit can be used with cable diameters up to 32mm.
  • Ensures perfect alignment between cable and drum, thus reducing strain on all the components used for cable stowing.
  • Reclining mechanism using two hydraulic cylinders is included.
  • The increased distance between the ends of the cable (2300mm) facilitates the job of the ring release operator.

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