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Corkline and net stacker

The exclusive design of the Marco corkline and net stacker makes the job of crew easier and enables them to haul in nets more quickly and safely.

The stacker is installed aft of the net deck to starboard, and is automatically synchronized with the swivel of the power block.


  • Corkline and net stackers come in different sizes, from 5m to 14m reach.
  • They are supplied with their own hydraulic power unit, distributor and control board (electrical or remote radio control).
  • Boom with single or double parallelogram structure to keep the head position horizontal.
  • The PM Series corkline stacker includes a specially designed corkline drum that is opened and closed by an auxiliary cylinder. A hydraulic motor on each side of the drum creates a rotary movement to haul the corkline.
  • The PR series net stacker includes a special roller drum that not only separates corkline but also brings and stacks the net. This provides extra assistance in net handling and maintenance.

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