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Marco Puretic Power Blocks for sardine vessels

Marco Puretic Power Block revolutionized purse-seine fishing. Over 20,000 are currently in operation on purse-seiners all over the world.

Their exclusive design ensures faster, more direct net hauling with less wear than other systems.


  • Marco Puretic Power Blocks come in a wide variety of models with sheave diameters from 19" to 42".
  • They are made in 3 basic configurations: Standard (ST), fixed side-shell with pin connected yoke; open-side-shell (OS) that swings out to insert the net; and open topped (OT), suspended from one side.
  • Various types of sheave can be fitted: fully rubberized (RB), with replaceable rubber cleats (RC), replaceable aluminium cleats (AC), replaceable polyurethane cleats (PC) or fixed SST cleats (SC).
  • The Marco power block can be fitted with the exclusive "Power Grip" which reduces net slippage during hauling.

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